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Whether you need to build a presence in the industry, launch new products, or finesse a pivotal proposal into a winning contract, MK Communications will skillfully hone and polish your vision into the perfect pitch, the perfect presentation.

Consider us whenever you need to:


Build brand

Generate qualified sales leads

Land lucrative contracts

Reach current and potential clients

Polish your corporate image

Introduce new products

Increase your share in existing and emerging markets

Position your company in a crowded marketplace

Command greater presence within an industry

Attract employees, investors or strategic partners

Get press – print, broadcast or online

Grow opportunities

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We reliably provide services that cost-effectively expand the communication capabilities of companies, large or small.


We offer proven expertise in:


■     Public Relations

■     Copywriting and Technical Editing

■     Government Contracting Support


We work closely with you and your team to deliver that professional polish that gets attention, builds awareness

in the marketplace, generates interest in all the right places, and ultimately wins customers and contracts.


In a crowded field, we give you and your team a Critical Competitive Edge.



We achieve this by:


· bringing an unwavering commitment to clear and winning written communications

for web sites, new media, press releases,  newsletters,  sales brochures & collateral,  presentations,  bylined articles,  project case stories, feature coverage,  submittals and proposals,  technical data,  books, and manuals


· perfecting your message and then precisely targeting the media to reach your core audiences potential clients and prospects,  current customers,  and new markets



We offer a track record of success because we always view you through the eyes of your clients, customers, and audiences.  Then we work hard to deliver the message that is always your story…and their answer.


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  Public Relations

  Writing & Editing

  Government Contracting