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MEDIA Coverage.† Itís not luck. Itís effort.


Whether itís to launch a new product, build brand, or reposition a company in the marketplace, we specialize in customized, targeted campaigns that achieve maximum favorable exposure in the media.†

We proactively leverage all the angles, research all the right outlets,

and generate all the momentum. Then, with unwavering persistence and utmost finesse, we work with the media to keep you and your company in the spotlight.


We actively pursue national, regional and local bloggers, journalists, beat reporters, editors, news anchors, producers, and hosts to build presence for your brand and product in all the right places.


Our expertise is the difference between success and oblivion in a crowded field.


Our public-relations-driven editorial coverage delivers valuable industry impact and credibility, while achieving your marketing goals for a fraction of the cost of advertising.


Our Public Relations & Marketing Products:


 Press Releases

 Media Campaigns Ė Print, Television, Radio & Online

 Media Research & Database Development

 New Product Launches

 Product Reviews

 News Coverage

 Feature Stories

 Project Case Studies

 Press Conference and Event Coverage

 Trade Show Coverage

 Speaking Opportunities

 Press Tours

 Analyst Relations

 Industry Award Submissions


Our Target Media:


 Business Press

 New Media


 Professional Journals



 Trade Publications


Our Results:


 Improved Awareness of Brand

 Better Understanding of Products and Solutions

 Greater Presence within the Industry

 Enhanced Corporate Reputation and Prestige

 Respect as Industry Source


 Better Definition of Marketplace ó your company, the field, and its competitors

 Affordable Avenue to Reach Core Audiences

 Public Perception as a Proactive Enterprise

 Good Will

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